CONFESSION: I could spend all day everyday looking at my magnified face, finding something or other to pick. My husband has many interesting hobbies – basketball, biking, hiking – and he spends much of his down time bettering himself by reading nonfiction and keeping up with current events. I, on the other hand, prefer toContinue reading “Picking”

Rachel’s Favorite Art

Cassatt, 1978: Has any painting captured ennui as perfectly as Cassatt’s “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair”? This painting might as well be titled “Quarantine 2020” or “Virtual School.” While my children prefer Minecraft pajamas to frilly white dresses and fancy leather shoes for their daily scoffing, I assure you the facial expression defies timeContinue reading “Rachel’s Favorite Art”

The Flawed Female

It seems pretty cutting edge to be able to put something into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. But in fact, the invention of the IUD dates way, WAY back. Like 2,000 years back when nomads needed a way to keep their female camels from getting pregnant during long journeys across the desert. Apparently camels justContinue reading “The Flawed Female”

Children of the 21st Century

I have 3 kids, which means there is rarely a night I’m not up with at least one of them some time during the night. Last night my 6-yr-old was in bed with us (and by us, I might as well mean me since my husband has no idea of any nighttime struggles). No matterContinue reading “Children of the 21st Century”

The Historian in Me

I was halfway through my dissertation in early American women’s history before I was derailed by the birth of my 1st, and then my 2nd baby. Suddenly the biopolitics of 18th c American no longer seemed as pressing to me. But there’s still a historian somewhere deep down in me with lots of completely random,Continue reading “The Historian in Me”