Things my kids have said about my body…

Things my kids have said about my body… “Mommy, I love how your boobs hang down and point to the ground” “Eww, Mommy, you smell terrible!” (As 5-yr-old sticks face in my croch “Look, Mommy’s undies are so big I can use them as my suitcase” “Squish. Squish. Squish.” (As 2-yr-old kneads my belly) “Mommy,Continue reading “Things my kids have said about my body…”

An Ode to Postpartum Objects

Thank God for those glorious mesh panties they give you in the hospital after you have a baby. And the ice packs that they pretend are pads. Thank God for that satisfying “pop” when you bend the ice pack to activate. And thank God for its wonderous cooling… All hail this miracle spray which IContinue reading “An Ode to Postpartum Objects”