Do other people notice how strange the mirror image of my face is?… You know what’s embarrassing? When your therapist asks you to hide your self-view because she can tell you are watching yourself and getting distracted. But really – does anyone actually look at the people they are video calling with? I know forContinue reading “Self-Reflection”

Literature and Art

You know what’s super depressing? Revisiting your favorite children’s books and realizing you can’t read them to your own kids, or that if you do you must also have conversations about imperialism, racism, body image, or sexism. Poor Curious George – a colonizer with a big yellow hat literally steals him from Africa, puts himContinue reading “Literature and Art”

Barbies, Babies, and Puffy Coats

One of the greatest offenses my mother committed was her desire to keep us bundled up and warm – even on the most important of holidays: Halloween. To this day, Halloween is still my favorite holiday – I’ve never missed a year of dressing up. And the point of dressing up, let’s be honest, isContinue reading “Barbies, Babies, and Puffy Coats”