Prime, Baby

I recently figured out my calling in life; the job I’ve been training for since attempting this thing called adulthood. I am supposed to be spending my days informing the world about “the 25 BEST Amazon products that you didn’t know you needed,” and the “50 most-liked items for under $50.” I’ve pretty much testedContinue reading “Prime, Baby”

“…and I get my ya-ya’s at IKEA” -Chandler Bing

Have you ever driven to an IKEA simply to dine in the wonderfully-decorated cafeteria? Yeah…me neither…BUT if I HAD, it was only because this food utopia was just 15 min out of the way of where we were going anyway. And the meatballs are really THAT good. And, I don’t get the appeal of Chick-fil-A.Continue reading ““…and I get my ya-ya’s at IKEA” -Chandler Bing”

Children of the 21st Century

I have 3 kids, which means there is rarely a night I’m not up with at least one of them some time during the night. Last night my 6-yr-old was in bed with us (and by us, I might as well mean me since my husband has no idea of any nighttime struggles). No matterContinue reading “Children of the 21st Century”